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Industrial Paint Manufacturers in Pune

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Shiv Shakti Colours is industrial paint manufacturers, suppliers, dealers, exporters in Pune, Maharashtra, is well-known industrial paint manufacturers from Pune. It was founded in Pune City, India, in 2014 and is still headquartered there. In addition, we have an excellent staff of highly experienced employees who try to provide 100% customer satisfaction.

Industrial Paints:

Industrial paints are coloured liquids or powders used to protect or enhance the appearance of substrates. Shiv Shakti Colours guarantees the best paints for most industrial surfaces with remarkable yet inexpensive quality based on a decade of experience in industrial paints and chemical coatings. Their custom industrial paints are designed to fit a variety of applications and feature cutting-edge qualities like heat resistance and anti-corrosion. They offer greater resistance to adverse weather and chemical conditions, resulting in a longer gloss, a bigger spraying colour coverage area, and colour fullness with faster drying.

What are the benefits of Industrial Paints?

As the top industrial paint manufacturers in Pune following are the various benefits that our industrial paint provides to the customers:

  • Industrial paints are an important aspect of every industrial operation.
  • This provides a protective coating that helps to prevent corrosion and other damage while also increasing the completed product's look.
  • These coatings have several advantages, including increased longevity, higher resistance to environmental elements, and improved aesthetics.


Following are the various advantages that our paint provides

  • Versatility. Industrial painting provides a tremendous lot of versatility.
  • Durability.
  • Reduced energy expenses.
  • Aesthetic value.


As the leading quick drying paints manufacturers Our quick drying paints can be used In the following industries/ sectors:

  • Industries include aerospace
  • Architecture,
  • Construction,
  • Automotive and electronics.

In addition to marine, medical, military, optical, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, and textile industries.