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NC Thinners are a type of solvent used in lacquers and varnishes. These are made from nitrocellulose, a compound derived from wood pulp. These Thinners have the following main features that make them ideal for use in the production of lacquers and varnishes. These features include: -

  • The ability of Nitro cellulose or NC thinners to dissolve the resin.
  • Nitro Cellulose thinners have a lower evaporation rate which means these will not evaporate as quickly as other solvents when exposed to air.
  • Additionally, these are non-flammable which makes them much safer to use than some of the more flammable solvents that can be used in varnish production.
  • Finally, these Thinners have a low toxicity rating which makes them much less hazardous to humans than some other solvents on the market.


  • NC Thinners are a type of solvent used in industrial coatings and paints. This provide several advantages over other types of thinners, such as improved adhesion, faster drying time, and better color retention.
  • Nitro cellulose thinner is the most common type of NC Thinner used in the industry today. This particular thinner is composed of nitrocellulose, a highly flammable material that can help to reduce the risk of fire when used correctly.
  • It also has a low evaporation rate which makes it ideal for coating applications that require quick drying times.
  • Additionally, this thinner can help to improve color retention on finished products by preventing discoloration caused by sunlight or other environmental factors.